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What's the Break'Art Mix?

Anne Vegnaduzzo started BAM as an online platform to connect amazing artists that she met over the years, believing that being united and involved within a community would both enrich their practice and increase their opportunities.
The residency was opened in October 2013 by Anne and David Simard who hosted, free of cost, artists from all over the world and of all different media.
Located in the heart of the French Capital, it’s an intimate space of only 60 square meters where the host welcomes selected artists for a period of up to three weeks.
The living-room was designed by Panama Architecture and offers a modular space for exhibitions and live performances.
Decidedly unpretentious, this project comes from the heart.
Now Anne and David have shipped off to Vancouver in order to expand the community of BAMers, but the home fires in Paris is taking care off by an long term resident. 

​How to apply?

+ Ideally you'd be introduce to us by one of the BAMers. If not, please send us an email. 

+ By applying, you agree on being involved/open to the community of BAM.


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