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Pony Hunt & Zoe Boekbinder

concert at BAM: 7.30PM




MAY 2019, 29th.  @ BAM Residency


MAY 2019, 3th.  @ BAM Residency


April 2019, 6th.  @ BAM Residency


December 2018, 15th.  @ BAM Residency


SEPTEMBRE 2018, 19th.  @ BAM Residency



Setember 2018, 15th.  @ BAM Residency



Setember 2017, 14th.  @ BAM Residency.  For an hour, transported in a Jim Jarmusch movie. Have a listen to David Picouet-Duny's solo project: L'Exercice Particulier, if you couldn't attend yesterday concert.
Thank you Florie Berger for scheming such a wonderful evening.


May 2017, 20th.  @ BAM Residency.  "A sensory feast" was the chosen words of David Beckingham to describe his time in Paris. How accurate in the context of your -savour the afternoon". Thank you sincerely! • Photos by Marc Saurfelt ( Merci!) Pancakes by David Simard Hosting by Katherine Chan - what a team!


April 2017, 14th.  @ BAM Residency.  Shelbie Dimond is a photographer based in Los Angeles, whose work seeks to evoke a potent nostalgia through the use of analog techniques and character-driven scenarios. Focusing on the power of self-portraiture and the female form, her photos reveal a deep sincerity and connection with the process of photography itself. 
She did a 3 weeks residency at BAM an presentindedg a selection of her polaroids at 'Impossible Project Space' .


January 2017, 29th.  @ BAM Residency.  Taned by Ali (Ada Lea) & Danie (YouYourself&i)l's glow. Sweating maple syrup. pancakes left: 0. YouYourself&i is a musical project created and captained by Daniel Gélinas. Multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, recording engineer, and green tea connaisseur, Daniel is an ever-evolving and prolific artist who has released no less than five albums and eight EP's in the last six years! A steady fixture in the Montreal scene, Daniel has performed with and produced albums for artists Klô Pelgag and the Brahja Waldman Quintet, to name a precious few. With YouYourself&i, the result is never certain, the genre resists definition, but the music always comes from a place of instinct and honesty. His work arrives at beauty by way of a new path every time.


January 2017, 29th.  @ BAM Residency.  Taned by Ali (Ada Lea) & Danie (YouYourself&i)l's glow. Sweating maple syrup. pancakes left: 0. YouYourself&i is a musical project created and captained by Daniel Gélinas. Multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, recording engineer, and green tea connaisseur, Daniel is an ever-evolving and prolific artist who has released no less than five albums and eight EP's in the last six years! A steady fixture in the Montreal scene, Daniel has performed with and produced albums for artists Klô Pelgag and the Brahja Waldman Quintet, to name a precious few. With YouYourself&i, the result is never certain, the genre resists definition, but the music always comes from a place of instinct and honesty. His work arrives at beauty by way of a new path every time.



January 2017, 26th.  @ BAM Residency. Katherine Chan writer and art mediator presented DYSEMBODIMENT (fusioning the ideas of disembodiment, dysfunction and dysphoria). It was her first curated show, creating an experience of thinking about intent in association with sexuality -- by imagining sexuality without the body. A collaborative art show with works from local and Canadian artists, including herself. Artists: Katherine Chan, Consent , Ray Hsu and Guest readers: Julia CatalánCorinne Séguin ArtJohann Bertelli PhotographyMalik Crumpler


January 2017, 16th.  @ BAM Residency. Sofar Sounds : Paris 16-01-2016 Laure Briard• Darren Cross • ROUGE CONGO surrounded by street artist Consent's artwork (part of the exhibition curated by Katherine Chan on January 26)


December 2016, 15th.  @ BAM Residency. Two series were presented in exclusivity: "Burning Mountain" (series of 6 photographies about Alps) and "Balé do Nordeste" (series of young ballerinas portraits, taken inSao Luis do Maranhao, in the Nordeste of Brazil) .
Johann Bertelli exhibited as well his series "Along The Shore", about the Portuguese coast, the ocean and the surf (with some new prints). 



December 2016, 6th.  @ BAM Residency. Since releasing her debut album, Canadian singer-songwriter Jenny Berkelhas been enchanting audiences with her evocative songs and voice. Berkel’s new album, Pale Moon Kid, was recorded with producer Daniel Romano and is now released across Europe with Popup Records. Described by Exclaim! as “a smouldering sound to behold” and “acutely poetic,” this glowing new collection is lush, dreamy and lyrically compelling. 


November 2016, 21th.  @ BAM Residency. An old-time musical revue with Folk Road Show, reviving the tradition of the traditional classic roadshows popularized by Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Buddy Holly. 


September 2016, 30th.  @ BAM Residency. Break'Art Mix was thrilled to present the work of Canadian artist/musician duo Nickelas Johnson and Candice Kelly, who were in residence at BAM until the beginning of October. Their work includes large-scale public sculpture, delicate textile work, massive murals, paintings & drawings, comics, clothing, not to mention their impressive respective outputs as musicians. 



September 2016, 8th.  @ BAM Residency. San Francisco creative duo Michael Kershnar and Fiona Lake came to Paris for a creative residency in August/July to present "Pomp and Circumstance", lining up with an exhibition at Element Paris and a guest artist appearance at Who's Next. Mike was the very first BAM resident back in 2013 and he is the creator of the big mural that has greeted many of you on your way into the space.



July 2016, 13th.  @ BAM Residency. Two supertalents traveled from Edmonton to Paris for a creative residency project at Break'Art Mix. Amy van Keeken and Dara Humniski spent a couple of weeks sketching out the beginnings of a beautiful music & visual art project, hunting sounds and images from around Paris and using them to create experimental sounds, writings, and visual works. Back in Edmonton, they have been recording the work that came out of this residency so keep your ears perked for that in the coming months! In the mean time, here are a few images from their time at BAM, their exploration of the city, and their performance of the work in progress. Watching the way that these two felt their way around the city made it feel sacred, like they were looking through the outer layer of the city and seeing through into its veins and its soundwaves and its ghosts.


MAY/JUNE 2016.  @ BAM Residency. A whirlwind of creative activity at BAM! Toronto musicians Christian Hansen and Molly Flood came by for a few days to work on a recording project with Doug. TBT to when Christian and Doug were hanging out the windows capturing stereo recording of the ambient street sounds of Paris, to add that special Paris feeling to the finished work.nt photography project exploring urban back alleys and spaces that are hidden in plain sight. 


June 2016, 15th.  @ BAM Residency. A dynamic duo from Victoria: Melanie Furtado and Simon DesRochers.
Melanie is an incredibly talented sculptor, who masterfully unearths emotional and hauntingly realistic portraits from clay. Simon has a current photography project exploring urban back alleys and spaces that are hidden in plain sight. have been doing over the course of their time at Break'Art Mix!


April & May 2016.  @ BAM Residency. Earlier this spring, Break'Art Mix welcomed the brilliant photographic duo Wilkosz + Way for a creative residency. Marta Wilkosz and Jeff Way have been based in Berlin since 2012, but established their practice in Canada for many years before that. Their project was a love letter to the city and citizens of Paris, a tribute to the more unconventionally beautiful elements of this incredible place and an archive of those that we will not have with us forever. 
In their own words: 
"As commercial photographers, we spend most of our practice under the guidance of an art director in a commercial field. This process works very well in a commercial sphere, but it can quickly turn into a simple routine as the concepts in questions are always dictated by a narrow spectrum of ideas. We are fashion photographers by profession, and as such are in a field of beauty ideals dictated by commerce. 
This project was started in Berlin, born from our need to separate ourselves from the requirements of a client or art director, and to break away from usual fashion conventions, while focusing on a subject that has proven to be full of depth and social layers, and we were curious about how this would play out in Paris. 
Under the guidance of the city, we want to photograph the elderly. We are interested in their clothing, the way they put it all together, and how different it all looks from contemporary dress. The vintage oversized coats that are often too big for their body frames. The great hats and accessories. The comfortable walking shoes. Their silhouettes are very interesting to us. These photos will be quick moments in time, capturing a passing generation, archiving their style to be reflected upon later, when it’s no longer so common."
There will be an exhibition in the early autumn of the work created during this 10-day residency. Please keep your ears open for an announcement and join us for the opportunity to hang out with these wonderful people.



APRIL 2016, 30th.  @ BAM Residency. We had the immense pleasure of hosting at BAM Matt Kivel for a Saturday afternoon concert. He's touring to support his new record "Janus" which came out earlier this year. The songs are straight-up spellbinding, and the show was so wonderful. Matt and his wife Emily brought all the warmth of their sunny California home with them. Thanks to all the people that came out to enjoy music and pancakes with us. Thanks also to ChariTea for sponsoring us with bevvies!

photos by Marc Saurfelt (merci!)



APRIL 2016, 10th.  @ BAM Residency. For the ones who couldn't join this Savour The Afternoon #9 with Rachel Ries, know that Cardinal is still available online; an handcrafted EP of songs written while on residency in Rouen, France, Summer of 2015. Each Cardinal includes a limited edition linoleum block art print, handmade by Rachel. 



March 2016, 22nd.  @ BAM Residency. The visual artist Julie Guillaume reinvented with "Reprises" her last installation of volumes in ceramic: « Silencieuses » .
The silent group here transformed and  singled out. Each element took life, escaped its mutism by unveiling its story and its proper characteristics. 
Julie Guillaume revealed their fragilities, dug in the soul of her forms and extracted from them the promise of a rebirth. The pieces welcomed different materials; one enclosing seeds sprouting, the other one supported by ropes, another linked to its stand by a game of drawn shadows.  

By these fragilities, she recomposed the space setting and looked for giving them a lighter and safer presence, while the "Silencieuses" underlined the balance and the flirt with danger. 



March 2016, 13th.  @ BAM Residency. John James presented her Armours after 3 weeks of Residency . 
Who’s John James ? A woman, a man, a divine creature,… Let's just say a condense and palpable dreamer-cum-doer.
More than a jeweler or a designer, John James stitches up the mystic ropes of unique materials: the seen, the unseen and creates wearable sculptures ; talismans for the nowadays - even tomorrow - generations. 
Forger of contemporary armour, visualy alike plastron, shaping a charisma to the ones who dare. Indeed the pieces are for the ones who chose it!
In the design a liberation of the mind & body, a powerful esthetic, a high strength and above all a sensitive playing with the boundaries.
Armours to prepare the body for a fight. A design pro-active ! 
The word « warrior » should be overused here. John James elevates and prepares us to dig in our inner world while protected by a new kind of Talisman. 
An artist bursting the surface and caring about our inside by creating a wearable talisman in order to support profound emotions.  

Thank you everyone for coming, for your interest in The project and for contributing in many ways. 
John James, thank you for creating armours/talismans to build us strong but still sensitive. Your art work is an opportunity for women and men to heal and to regenerate. Purposeful & Powerful!



February 2016, 28th.  @ BAM Residency. A decoction of emotions with Woodpigeon for this 8th session of Savour the Afternoon. A mischief coating the spectre of the darkest and lightest flavours. Mark, Chef of harmonies! Thanks for sharing with us. Also a sincere gratitude for everyone who attended. David, your pancakes delighted once more our bellies. ‪#‎charitea‬ &‪#‎lemonaid‬, thank you for your faith in Arts and for supporting BAMers. 


January 2016, 08th. Vancouver (BC, Canada) @ Space. Shannon Gray and David Simard met five years ago in Montreal, where they were both immersed in the study and development of their crafts. Fortune brought them together at a somewhat lawless loft concert where Shannon swung down with silks from the beams overhead and first improvised to David's music. Though their performances together have become more infrequent, this collaboration continues to dramatically transport their work beyond the sum of their parts.  Thank you everyone for being so supportive and joining Friday evening with the symbiotic duo David Simard & Shannon Gray Collier. Photos by Luke McAdam.


November 2015, 12th. John Southworth is one of Canada’s most distinctive and iconoclastic music artists, respected for forging ahead with his own unique brand of music-making, while garnering high praise for his inimitable contribution. It was truly exciting to have him at BAM! Also an honnor to host for the second time Taylor Ashton, the singer, songwriter and frontman of the five-piece alt-folk & roots band, Fish & Bird, who performed a solo set and made us feel pleasantly strange inside. 


November 2015, 9th. An in-depth discussion on what visiting artist Nicolo Gentile calls his "Triple Threat" in contemporary art making: 
Aesthetic, Athletic, and Erotic.
Nicolo Gentile is a conceptual artist from Portland, OR. Inspired by his recent residency with BAM, he shared and discussed with us his findings and research on the topics above.




November 2015, 1st. Inni-K and her band spread some magic to start November. Thank you everyone for being engaged in another savoury and musical afternoon.
Photos by Marc Saurfelt (merci!)




October 2015, 06th.  The ladies wore our cheecks...Merci Ariel Helvetica & Voracious V: absolute gem! 
You thought you experienced burlesque before?!? these two hot babes are also glamorous performers/ sexy gymnasts/ ardent artists! 


June 2015, 24th. Improvisation upon the path to truth, healing and reconciliation.
Cheo, draw us in to let it go. In total trust we did just that. Jonathan Saguez & Grégory Combes brought the words to a meditative level with their music. 
Political-Emotional-Spiritual growth in the accelerating momentum of this spontaneous reunion. 
From Childhood to Manhood to Humanhood, an evolution to think about and aspire through.


June 2015, 09th.  The joy of seeing embraced the joy of life; a feast for the eyes and the mind!
Collin Elder staged an anthropomorphic reality made of neat oil paintings and canny sketches.
“Colonizing the histories of Europe with the stories of the creatures from the new world” was the statement of the series “Natural History” …To paint is to remember.


May 2015, 31st. Little Lab invited Elliot Maginot and David Simard to perform at the BAM Residency. This happening closed May on a perfect tune!
Thank you Maëlle & Elliot for adding your great spirit to this space.


May 2015, 28th.  (((((((Inevitable Mutations)))))))) Act II. A mutation in space, time, flesh and mind. From Brussels to Paris. From Winter to Spring. A colorful creative DNA mutated through an art collaboration. A frequency decoded with alien words, transformed visions. Classic Human stories, disturbing truths and gold…gold above all. 

A non-sense to summarize the infinite of yesterday evening in order to reflect some of its sense.
Alex Deforce & Malik Crumpler lead artistic expression into life.  Frankenstein’s heirs.


May 2015, 26th.  inward & intense . Reza's deep voice and strong lyrics emphasized how "to sing is to remember". What an introduction for his concert to be with full band at Les Tois Baudet (June 16) ! Once more a grateful wink to ChariTea & LemonAid for their generous drinks!


April 2015, 12th. dear Ora, you wove the light for our naked soul.
Someone after this “Savour the Afternoon” wrote me these true words “the echoes which precedes the voice”...Merci!

thank you once more everyone (we will never stop being touched by your presence). Thank you ChariTea & LemonAid for supporting Arts…and so much more!


March 2015, 15th. D i v i n e haunting tunes performed this afternoon by Rachel Sermanni. Merci mademoiselle! Bravo to Tom Terrell for tickling "Gretta" and bringing back from the death Sonny Boy Williamson.
Also thank you everyone for coming and being spectators & actors of Arts.
Our gratitude to ChariTea, your ::good:: tasteful and helpful drinks joined with success this wonderful time. 


February 2015, 27th. WER ULYSSES is a collective of six European photographers... JOSE MIGUEL ABREU, MARION BRUN, ADLAN MANSRI, CASPER CHRISTOFFERSEN, HERMINE NAUDIN, AURELIEN CILLER...linked by a common topic based on their wanderings. 
After an exhibition in Marseilles in 2014, they presented their photographic works in Paris, at BAM, for one night only. An 
evening composed of creative minds, great projects and the whisper of a future initiative " W.E.R. Blue"... 


February 2015, 14th. Jenny Ritter’s rebellious banjo still hosts a party in our memory, each walk embracing its rhythm and each step drawing a joyful dance. And remain…

Goodness me! Saturday 14 was a treat. A savoury afternoon melting the best ingredients for the soul: exquisite folk, sugar babes of people, tasty pancakes labeled Mr. Simard. Mmmmmmmm….

Let know all your Swedish friends how fortunate they are: Jenny & Ryan will be touring around for the next weeks.



February 2015, 6th. A space to push & pull your bursting heart was framed at BAM by the honest and sensitive music of Galen Hartley and Taylor Ashton. (Photos by Fabrice Labit)
To keep up with some rousing banjo tunes, join us for a “Savour the Afternoon“ with Jenny Ritter at 2pm on Saturday 14th.
Once more…Sincerely grateful to Galen & Taylor, and thanks to all of you who came.


November 2014, 29th.

 After two weeks of research and collaborative work at La Cité Internationale des Arts, the art director Cammy Mai Tran proposed the first step of her ambitious performance “08. April”.

On Friday, she shared her work in progress with a very exclusive public at the Flaq Galerie.
A work in progress, but also a project in movement. Following her session in Paris, Cammy will lead other workshops. 
Four new scenes will be added then to the piece in each new city/ country.
>>><<< A play of 10 minutes, shaped in four scenes linked by a movement. Each minute elapsing with its complex intensity. 
Performers/ Julie Guillaume,Evita Ciri, Virginie Quod,Chandra Aymerich,Matteo Grotti


November 2014, 29th.  An Afternoon that we wished would never end. A crack for the light to pass through. Here and there were whispers of “My girlfriend will regret not coming”, and “I have to take a video for Mathias, he’d looove it” as wide smiles appeared. Peacefully excited, your feet tapped, but your mind stayed focus on the hypnotic and fanciful music of Cristobal and the Sea.
Everyone, thank you for choosing to contribute to this sensitive and savoury escape. A reverence for Mr. Simard and his comforting pancakes!
Have a beautiful week,>bisous<


October 2014, 15th.  Humanness, humbleness…HUMANO.
Far beyond the visually captivating, this film is a quest experienced, shared, and bequeathed by the Argentinean Director Alan Stivelman.
Yesterday’s screening shook our intrinsic wander-lust. A bump in a shapeless road; a wise and honest invitation to let it go and love our humanity.
Muchas gracias Alan and my unspoken gratitude. 
Thanks to all of you for coming and our sincerest apologies to the ones we couldn’t receive because of a lack of space.


September 2014, 28th.  Waking up this morning might have been a little more challenging than usual, but still with a generous smile and a goose bumps from the memory of last night's thrilling Oliver Peel SessionDavid Simard + Vandaveer…what a match!
If the hellish steamy heat and the furious neighbor tried to burst our bubble suspended in time, they absolutely failed.
To each of you, thank you. For coming, for choosing Art, for participating, for your kindness.
We hope you all have a "smashing" week! 

Photos by Florie Berger.


September 2014, 20th.  Like the tide, Saturday afternoon has been a poetic movement. Unfolding luggage beats, harmonica, whistling, savoury music, sweet delicious pancakes (right?), suspended looks - wide open smiles, sun & storm, new friends, unexpected reunions. 
Owen Steel, thank you for sharing your stories in tune. We now all feel ready to ship off for unknown adventures. Thanks to each of you who came. A special grateful word to Brad Leach, who shot the video (coming soon).

Also, let us share something with you all. Shannyn Higgins is a human been that gracefully hits your faded road and brings vivid colors into it. Cupid uses a bow, she pulled out her camera and we all fell for her. Having been present for “Savour the Afternoon” with Owen Steel, here are some of the things she captured. To discover her work, visit her overwhelming project “duality”.


September 2014, 16th.  Let everything happen to you my dear friends.Beauty and tensions… Just keep going!
No feeling is final, with Hannah Epperson’s violin they resonate so strong. 
Push the boundaries of your obligations, find space and time to see her shows.
Special thanks to Fabrice Labit for his unique captures!


July 1st,

Dear beautiful one, 

We hope you are enjoying your Summer in many ways... jumping from a music festival to another, bathing in the sun, running naked to salty waters, abusing of Rosé wine,… 
In the middle of this scrumptious decadence, please let us invite you to discover the first annual BAM Collection; testimony of the 1st year. 

Enjoy this new format of the BAM ! 


June 2014, 23rd.  A heartfelt thank you to Michael Wookey & Amelia Spooner- "we all could fall in love again". 
Those two are simply adorable. And no guilt listening to old American love songs when here they find a new life...refreshed- reinterpreted- reborn! 
More than a concert, you all contribute by coming to give a hand (a thousand thanks). Indeed the money you generously brought will help them to build their musical project in LA. 
A mellow road to follow!


June 2014, 18th. It has been such an excitement to host the first exhibition of Artist_in_Progress . Here we have a new kind of artist, made up of several creative people from all around the world. For the last few months, Artist_in_Progress has been on a workshop tour of Europe - collaborating and creating a kind of " cadavre exquis" which has been unveiled to the public for the first time of its' life at the BAM Residency. Sculpture, performance, drawing, street art...all media is Artist_in_Progress.
>>>Featuring the vital organs Cammy Mai Tran, Freek Duinhof , Pablo de Pinho, Simon Esbé and Marie Marin .


June 2014, 17th.  Crucial message to the magnificent crowd: thank you for being part of this…how to describe it…simply another Oliver Peel Session?! 
We have been transported by the bewitching melodies of Olena and the innermost music of the gifted Erin Lang (Feral & Stray ). 
Coming soon a video by Le Cargo. Here pictures by Fabrice Labit


May 2014, 27th. Corinne Séguin, your gymnasts and your red dress inflamed the BAM last night. The skater girl on high heels - the elegant ink mistress - What an atomic mix! 
“CalliGym” : the start of what we hope will be a long series. 
Dearies, thanks for coming with your smiles and support!


Reminiscence of such an unique day in the company of Mark Berube and his fantastic band.

Here at your friendly neighborhood BAM residency, we launched our new house concert series "Savour the Afternoon" programmed with "Friends with Benefits Card Exchange" *- afternoon concerts for a very small audience to enjoy alongside pancakes and beer. What paradise is this?!
The first installment of the series started with Montréal's incredibly captivating Mark Berube

>>>ENJOY & SHARE<<< this video captured by Louisa Ould.

*The "Friends with Benefits" Card Exchange is a display of friendship and solidarity between independent artists. 


April 2014, 28th. « More ! More ! More ! » could describe briefly enough a common inside yelp. An overwhelming performance took place yesterday at the BAM…JONATHAN RANDALL GRANT & MALIK CRUMPLER, the day and the night reaching each other through their appetite of sharing; using words with humor, sensitivity and creativity. “More! More! More! »Thank you for your generosity and for your guts to face us exposed. Thanks to all of you for coming with an attentive ear and an open heart.


@ Pont des Arts

22nd April, 2014. An out door reading on the mythical bridge "Pont des Art". Malik Crumpler and the team of SpokenWords Paris for sure didn't lock their tongue... 



April 2014, 19th-20th-21st. What a privilege it has been to receive at the BAM residency this warm heart crowd!

Savour The Afternoon #1 sublimely ended yesterday after a gargantuan three day pancake party and four breathtaking concerts: Mark Berube, Hannah Epperson, Aidan Knight, & David Simard.

Thanks everyone for your participation, your inquisitiveness, your appetite, your camaraderie ! And most of all, congratulation to Friends With Benefits Card Exchange for this neat programming.

Very soon, you’ll be able to relive the event through the pictures of Johann Bertelli and the video of Louisa Ould.

2nd April, 2014.


Hello everyone-


Today marks the 365th day of BAM! The beautiful adventure could not have happened without you- artists who passed by, art lovers and friends.Stay sensitive.




12nd March, 2014. Good morning Spring flowers! Yesterday was a dreamy sample of the Canadian visual artist David Jacob Harder... Oil painting on wood, land art, installation, projection in the street , block printing…in a nutshell: two fruitful weeks. What a man…what a man!Thank you dearies, friends, art lovers, vagabonds, strangers for popping up in this vast creative world confined between the BAM’s residency walls. Sharing this with you is a profound delight, as usual.Special thanks to Corinne Seguin for her help, kindness and crêpes (delicious!). 


24th February, 2014. Another glorious night that the wood of the BAM’s Residency will retain... Mathieu Gagnon used the piano as a memory box. Playing the game, adding few tools, letting go sometimes. Riveting!


5th February, 2014. Julie Guillaume, the room still vibrates from embracing the strange, sublime, and poetic world for one night.  The echo of "Touché/ Coulé" remains at the BAM’s Residency…the clatter of the leaves and their furibond dance, the subtle scent of  the pines to which you gave a second life…Thank you! A reverence also to Marie Marin and David Simard, extraordinary acolytes!


30th January, 2014. What a beautiful crowd! An exquisite vibe enfolded us. An audience attentive to Fernanda Pesce who read her collection of poems titled "Sur la r(o)u(t)e" . A creative mind and sensitive eye on this vast world;  absolutely inspiring! Muse & Artist.Pierre Cohen translated her verses into music and took us far in our reverie. 




13th December, 2013. Gian Gian ...The Magician...shared his raffined , strange, but humoruous  world. Creepy beauty.

Eyes wide opened...we dreamt for one evening. 



23th November, 2013. Nora Noor came in the morning with her partner in crime, Christian Grau, carring a full photo studio on her back, arms and other surprising spaces. But after this ubuesque entrance, she suddenly casted a spell on the Residency and transformed it into a peacefull buble... Using knowledge of an ancient handcraft printing, portraits out of time appeared on papers...Who are they..., where do they come from..., When... ?



20th November, 2013. Mike Kershnar celebrated his time at the BAM's Residency. Sharing his world largely inspired by the skate culture and street art. Thank you folks for the strength you had to brave cold and rain, thank you for your good words and spirit.

A special thanks to David Simard for his drill performances, to Zéphyrine Geneste for the upcoming pictures, to Fernanda Pesce for being our Muse since the last two months.Have all a beautiful day and be very welcome at the Residency if you want to visit again the exhibition.


30th October, 2013. After trying tea and coffee without success of awakens, I can officially announce that the night has been savage !The BAM’s residency hosted the “Wild stage before Halloween”- A live music session, disguised and wiiiiiillllld .The spooky stage roared with The Buns, Emilienne Apple, Clint is Gone , David Simard and Fiancés. Michael Kershnar sprayed for the event a powerful Coyote face to bring an additional tune . 


24th October, 2013. Oh dear, Some stardust was dropped on the BAM’S Residency… Cloe Marcoux froze time and took us on the road of her imagination, to spaces held dear and meetings hardly forgot with the sharing of her pictures, drawings, song and poetry. A very young (21!) and gifted artist, with a wise mind and old soul. You might still have the chance to cross her path in Paris for the next few days before she hitchhikes away through Europe, bikes through Morocco, and then rides wild horses into sea of sand...



@ Petit Théâtre du Bonheur (Concert) & BAM's Residency( After Party)

4th October, 2013. Out of this feeling of fullness, of harvest, something very exciting is being born into the world this coming week. In May, David Simard recorded an EP with some fantastic players in Montréal and it is now available online with the option of a pre-order. The limited edition 10" vinyl, with beautiful letter-pressed jackets custom-made by All Sorts Press, will be mailed to your door as something to look forward to in the dreary month of January. Finally - a cure for those vinyl shakes!We celebrated the online and pre-sale launch in a very intimate show at Petit Théâtre du Bonheur to finally end the festivities at the BAM’s Residency.David will be continuing the launch with a tour through Europe starting October 9th, with shows in Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands and France.


@ Coltrane Cosmo

2nd April 2013- Thank you fellows! It's been amazing sharing this joyful moment with you. 

With Love,

The BAMers

© 2013 by Break'Art Mix