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Their impressions


Nationality/Polish, American

"there was something about the light that seeped in through your windows, warming the side of my cheek as I drank a cup of tea and readied myself for the day."

Artistic process/ my greatest inspiration is the natural world- plants and flowers, leaves, animals, and the elements, like the sea and the earth. I find that I can best express myself through making work concerning the environment and the changes it undergoes- changes that human beings similarly undergo.




"My stay didn’t inspired me any specific project except a watercolor titled and signed « Augustine ».  Following the request of my host, I imagined a feminine character, modeled after Anne, which was a mysterious hybridization between  a mythological creature and aquatic vegetal.

This work has been my only production during the stay and dedicate to an exceptional person. Behind this fact, all the discussion we had  drove me very naturally to be entirely  immersed in my artistic work. The few month spent in her company were the most intense, both humanly and artistically . I knew how to create a world thanks to her help, her looking and her listening. After having live in her place, I left for a residence in an ancient monastery during 10 days. And it’s at this point that all the reflection, produced upstream with Anne, has been reveling and took all its scale. She knew how to make me keep the distance with my worries concerning my plastic productions. "

Artistic process/ In my work I like to mix all my interests as botanic, diving, architecture, legends or personnal mythology... I explore all the mediums: photography, sculpture, drawing, identify the human absence . I feed my remains of life; some are things, some are half-fictive stories that I create to communicate between themself. Each sculpture shows a certain specific form of violence and bring different questions and psychic state. From melancholia to faintness, I look for my work to be emotive, in order that I make instinctly  understable my intentions. 



Nationality/ American

"Everything about Paris inspires me...really! It's actually the city where I feel most alive and most like myself. I find the art, the character of the city, the fashion, the food, the transit, the language, the architecture to all feed into the overall beauty of Paris. Everything about it inspires me."

Artistic process/ My intention is to create beautiful imagery through styling.

Website/ (blog), (portfolio)



 "Anne has an absolutely unique way of LISTENING to you, without any judgements and with lots of understanding. Whenever you decide to open up your heart, you can be sure that you won't be dissapointed and you'll find the answers to all of yours questions. This is truly invaluable!  (just as the bottles of red wine and the saucissons sec!!)"

Artistic process/ I work as a journalist specialised in the art and art market market, so always very inspiring to talk about new artists that Anne discovered! I also work for a company who creates rugs designed by living designers and architects, which therefore allows me to have a strong link with contemporary creation and to work in the field of design, objects, applied arts. Lastly, I support my family's Budapest-based art foundation, Pepper Art Projects, but that's an even longer story, so maybe check the website...:)

Anne has a great human and artistic sensibility and talking about upcoming exhibitions, artists, feelings, ideas or just showing her images of works I like is always a pleasure as I know that we'll be able to talk through all the various aspects and she'll give me her honest opinion and piece of advice.




"Anne inspired me. And yet, you have not seen anything, you did not felt anything. How can you pretend to be inspired by me??Absurdity or illusion?

matter less... This is only the beginning. I have the certainty that this visionary who foresee true things.
she knew something, and made me hold it by heart.. dance the rest of your life."

Artistic process/ More I progress and less I know in this art.



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